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Tonya Tyner is a spiritual songwriter whose pointed lyrics permeate her clever, compelling melodies. Her newly released CD, Beautiful Light, is a stirring, acoustic collection of stories about her eclectic life.

In February 2011, Tyner began recording her first album, Beautiful Light, which displays her thoughtful sense of humor and knack for extended, sweeping narratives (“I Keep Trying”), her feelings on acceptance and human compassion (“Someone Else”), and her lyrical grit (“Get On Out”). Set for a September release, Beautiful Light is marked most poignantly by a touching tribute to her mother (“What Should I Do”) and a memoir of her personal relationship with God (“Letting Go”).

Of her producer, Tyner says, “Stephen Doster is a listener-- not just to music-- but to the soul. He patiently explored my entire body of music with me, asking questions along the way that will continue to shape my songwriting for years to come.” After working with Doster and James Stevens, who recorded and mixed the album at EAR Studio in Austin, TX,

Tyner reflects that “Recording is a courageous process. We recorded most of the album together, simultaneously, so I didn't recognize the separate magnificence of each artist until we started mixing. At one point, I remember wishing I could create a thousand different mixes so that I could hear each instrument apart from the others and truly appreciate the genius of each talent before me.”

Joining her is certainly a brilliant cast: Chris Maresh www.chrismaresh.com/, on bass, David Madden www.davemaddenmusic.com/ on keys, Dony Wynn www.donywynn.com/on percussion, J. Frank Webster on vocals, and Stephen Doster also adding in vocals as well as his renowned guitar.

Imparting the message she was born to relay with her debut album, Tyner shines a Beautiful Light.

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