Fake boobs... My Birthday Resolve

Hey my friends,

I turned 40 today.  Yippee.  No really, I'm certainly happy to be alive.  I do treasure every day as a gift, and it's kind of fun seeing what direction the gray hairs sprout out from my head.  It looks like I'll have a silver afro before it's all said and done.  The wrinkles, the slowing metabolism, the gray-- I'm not really bothered by aging at all except for the whole 'I don't have a husband or children, and at this point, that's looking highly unlikely" part.  As I wrote in my song 'On Your Wall,' :

"I may still be blessed with my own child,
a precious soul may pass through me. 
But time has yet to turn that way,
so it may not come to be-
it may never come to be...."

So anyways, please spare me your "you're just a baby" crap.  Seriously. And I mean this in the best possible way and with all the love in my heart, but you can stuff that.

Instead, I thought I would take the opportunity of my birthday to make some resolutions.  New Year's never really does it for me. So here you are:

Inspired by my 40th birthday, I resolve...

- to spend more time with God and for God.
- to spend less time thinking about how badly I need to exercise more.
- to forgive myself for my weaknesses and flaws... and to forgive others for theirs.
- to never compare myself to women with fake boobs and augmented faces.
- to speak the truth... with gentle kindness... but to speak it nonetheless.
- to start a band (*ahem... now accepting applications*)
- to make the perfect gluten free biscuit.
- to quit apologizing when I succeed.
- to spend more time with my dog.
- to wonder more and Google less.
- to live happily within my means.
- to sing with spiritual abandon.
- to dream more.
- to listen more.
- to write more.
- to help more.
- to love more.

Can you dig it?  Will you join me? What do you resolve?

Love and Light to you and yours,


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